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Vlad Vampire


Vlad Vampire

Vlad is the third of the Vintage trio, he is a twin boomed tailed jet who does not act his age, in fact he’s hardly aged at all! (Mick has remarked that all his parts look brand new!) Vlad is VERY persuasive if you look into his eyes, he often persuades ‘Ginger’ that he doesn’t have to fly on very sunny days! Vlad has spent most of his life posted abroad near Romania, and has picked up a “teensy veensy bit of an accent” He has a cousin called Vera Venom who is joining Waddingthorpe soon.

Tag-line:                                                                                      'Vamp it up!'


Likes:                                                                                            Getting his own way

Dislikes:                                                                                       Garlic

Most likely thing to say:                                                          “No, No, I’m sure you vill reconsider zat!”     



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