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Vinnie Vulcan


Vinnie Vulcan


Vinnie is the leader of the ‘V’ Force and the Best of British, he is well respected by all the other aircraft, Vinnie often settles arguments and disputes between the planes, but isn’t without his mischievous side and often plays up ‘Ginger’ Jones to the delight of the other aircraft. Vinnie is a marvel of engineering as he is a huge delta wing aircraft but he handles like a fighter. outurning even James Javelin. Vinnie can fly fast, very high or very low, he has four incredibly powerful engines that have a distinctive HOWL when he applies power. Vinnie is the star of Waddingthorpe and EVERYONE stops to watch him when he flies over.


Tag-line:                                                     'Hero on the horizon’.


Likes:                                                           Howling.


Dislikes:                                                    Being told what to do.


Most likely thing to say:                   “HOOOOOWWWWWLLLLL!”


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