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Vicky VC-10

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Vicky VC-10


Vicky is a very useful multi-role aircraft, she can provide air-to-air refuelling, transport tons of cargo or carry lots of troops. Vicky has four powerful engines mounted at the rear of her fuselage making her very quiet in the cabin, which is why she was picked to be part of the Royal Flight for long distances. Vicky can operate from short rough airstrips and in hot countries. She has excellent range which makes her perfect for the air-to-air re-fuelling role. Sometimes Vicky’s passengers do not appreciate flying with her as her seats face backwards! Vicky loves her roles as she can help all the other aircraft at Waddingthorpe.


Tag-line:                                                                     ‘Duality and durability demon’.


Likes:                                                                           A quick take off.


Dislikes:                                                                    Bumpy runways


Most likely thing to say:                                   “Anyone for a refill?”


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