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Flight Lieutenant Tess Pylott is a highly experienced fast jet, rotary wing and heavy lift transport pilot. In fact there isn't an aircraft that she cannot fly! Tess got the flying 'bug' when she joined her local Air Training Corps and her feet haven't touched the ground since! Tess has never let anything stand in her way and has gained thousands of flight hours wth her calm and professional approach to her work which is also her passion! Tess is fearless but cool and calculating, this enables Tess to push aircraft to the limit of their flight envelope and always safely return to the airfield.


Tag-line:                                                  'Testing, testing, Tango, Echo, Sierra, Sierra!'


Likes:                                                        Pushing the limits


Dislikes:                                                   Taking it easy!


Most likely thing to say:                      'CHOCKS AWAY!'


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