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Skeeter is a cheeky little helicopter who loves to buzz about the sky over Waddingthorpe. He is very useful at spotting things and often finds Squadron Leader 'Ginger' Jones lost hats in the grass around the airfield. He is very light and small and often goes for a 'drive' around the airfield on the back of  Waddingthorpe's 3 ton flatbed trucks! Skeeter likes to play jokes on the other aircraft then lift off quickly and zoom away before they can get him, he can zip in between buildings and trees making him almost impossible to catch.


Tagline:                                                                                                     'Up, up and away!'

likes:                                                                                                          Zipping about

dislikes:                                                                                                    Getting caught

most likey thing to say:                                                                        'Catch me if you can!'

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