Meet the planes

Meet the marvellous, magnificent, mischeivous aircraft at Waddingthorpe Airfield! Simply click on the button of your favourite plane to learn all about them. Then click on the poster button to print off an A4 size picture for your wall! 

Ginger Jones

ginger, jones

ginger jones.png

ginger jones

Mr Mick Hannick

mick, hannick

mick hannick.png

mick hannick

Flt Lt Tess Pylott

tess, pylott

tess pylott logo website.png

tess pylott

Louise ‘Lou’ Koutt


lou koutt website.png


Vlad Vampire

vlad, vampire

vlad vampire.png

vlad vampire

Vinnie Vulcan

vinnie, vulcan

vinnie vulcan static.png

vinnie vulcan

Hector Hawk

hector, hawk

hector hawk.png

hector hawk

Dom Dominie

dom, dominie

dom dominie.png

dom dominie

Sarah Sea Vixen

sarah, sea, vixen

sarah sea vixen.png

sarah sea vixen

Nige Nimrod

nige, nimrod

nige nimrod.png

nige nimrod

James Javelin

james, javelin

james javelin.png

james javelin

Butler BAe 146

butler, bae

butler bae-146.png

butler bae

Gertie Gannet

gertie, gannet

gertie gannet.png

gertie gannet

Martin Meteor

martin, meteor

martin meteor.png

martin meteor

Winston Whittle

winston, whittle

winston whittle.png

winston whittle

Lenny Lynx

lenny, lynx


lenny lynx.png

lenny lynx

Larry Lightning

larry, lightning

larry lightning ballistic.png

larry lightning

Natalie Gnat

natalie, gnat

natalie gnat static.png

natalie gnat

Billy Belfast

billy, belfast


billy belfast.png



billy belfast

Blackburn Buccaneer

blackburn, buccaneer

blackburn buccaneer.png

blackburn buccaneer

Percival Provost


percy provost.png


Sally Seahawk

sally, seahawk

sally seahawk.png

sally seahawk

Sid Scout

sid, scout


sid scout.png

sid scout

Trev TSR-2



trev tsr2.png


Caiti Canberra

caiti, canberra

caiti canberra.png

caiti canberra

Ernie Shackleton


ernie shackelton.png


Harriet Sea Harrier

harriet, sea, harrier

harriet sea harrier.png

harriet sea harrier






Chester Chipmunk

chester, chipmunk

chester chipmunk(1).png

chester chipmunk

Vicky VC 10

vicky, vc


vicky vc10.png


vicky vc

Colin Canberra

colin, canberra

colin canberra.png

colin canberra

Harry Harrier

harry, harrier

harry harrier.png

harry harrier

Wendie Wasp

wendie, wasp

wendie wasp.png

wendie wasp





Val Valiant

val, valiant

val valiant.png

val valiant