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Hector Hawk



Hector Hawk




Hector is a fast jet trainer who loves to fly fast and perform aerobatics. He has excellent agility and has performed with the famous ‘Red arrows’ display team. Hector is very cheeky and often makes fun of the other aircraft because he knows that he can out manoeuvre them and get away. Hector is Mick Hannick’s dream aircraft because he needs very little maintenance, and can can have lots of flying hours before he needs an overhaul. You can often see Hector practicing flying low around the hills and valley’s of Wales, Scotland and Cumbria, or at airshows around the country putting on a magnificent display.




Tag Line:                                                              ‘The agile arrow in the sky’




Likes:                                                                     Hurtling around the hills




Dislikes:                                                              Getting formations wrong




Most likely thing to say:                             “Learn from the best, to be the best!”


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