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Harry Harrier


Harry Harrier


Harry is a unique aircraft as he can take off and land vertically. His big, powerful, special Pegasus engine can rocket him vertically into the air, then rotating his unique vectoring nozzles instantly push him into forward flight. Harry can even use his nozzles to skilfully V.I.F.F or Vector In Forward Flight, which means that as he flies forwards really fast, he can push the nozzles so they face backwards which stops him in mid-air, rather like putting the brakes on, this causes the persuing aircraft to fly right past him! Harry can also use his nozzles to fly sideways, backwards and even perform his party piece of bowing! Harry likes to operate from ‘hides’ in the woods he can take off and land from rough grass airstrips. Both Harry and Harriet are great friends to all the aircraft at Waddingthorpe and know that they are really cool!


Tag line:                                                   The vertical vector spectres!’


Likes:                                                        hovering


Dislikes:                                                   long runways


Most likely thing to say:                     “Don’t miff, jus’ cos’ we can VIFF!”


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