Squadron Leader 'Ginger' Jones


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Squadron Leader 'Ginger' Jones

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Squadron Leader ‘Ginger’ Jones

Ace pilot ‘Ginger’ Jones is in charge of Waddingthorpe Airfield, and the marvellous magnificent aircraft known as “The Best of British” that are based there. He is very proud to be Station Commander and takes his role VERY seriously. He often makes long speeches of how the aircraft should behave and how British ingenuity is the best in the world, which often bores the aircraft!

Tag-Line:                                                                                                'Tally-Ho'


Likes:                                                                                                       Order and Discipline


Dislikes:                                                                                                Mischievous, misbehaving aircraft.


Most likely thing to say:                                                                   “What-ho!”


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